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Pure X Celebrate New Release Tonight at Mercury Lounge

May 14th, 2013

Guitarist and vocalist Nate Grace, bassist Jesse Jenkins and drummer Austin Youngblood, who’d originally met in college, began jamming together in Austin, Texas, just a few years ago. They took the name Pure Ecstasy, but when they found out another band had already claimed it, they switched to Pure X. As Grace says, “I like Pure X. Pure ‘blank’ is how like to think of it.” The trio became known for their crunchy guitars and atmospheric noise rock. And after releasing several singles, their debut full-length, Pleasure, recorded live in the studio, came out in 2011. In praising it, Pitchfork said the album is “like grunge for beachcombers or shoegaze for people happy to be alive.” But before the next album arrived, the guys in the band had to deal with life, things like serious injuries, breakups and money problems. Borne from that is their darker follow-up, Crawling Up the Stairs (stream it below), out today. And tonight at Mercury Lounge, Pure X celebrate their new release live and onstage. Titus Andronicus guitarist Andrew Cedermark gets the party started, a record-release party presented by Dog Gone Blog.


Chilean Music Takes Mercury Lounge Down the Rabbit Hole

March 22nd, 2013

Dog Gone Blog Presents Föllakzoid and the Holydrug Couple – Mercury Lounge – March 21, 2013


At the end of each of the final two sets at Mercury Lounge last night, each band—the Holydrug Couple and Föllakzoid—spoke to the crowd for the first time, each announcing that it would be the final song of their set. At that point, both bands launched into a lengthy, jammed-out tune that stretched for no less than 20 minutes apiece. This propensity to send the audience into a musical rabbit hole was not the only thing the two bands had in common: both are from Chile, both have great new albums out and both are turning heads as part of the worldwide psych-rock revival.

For all their similarities, each band’s sound was very unique. Chile is that narrow strip of land scrunched up between the Andes and the Pacific, half coast, half mountains, and the bill seemed to split the same way. A guitar-bass-drums trio, the Holydrug Couple were the mountain climbers, hopping from musical peak to musical peak. This was acid-trip music with the visuals from Drippy Eye Projections pulsing on the screen behind them. The guitarist seemed to be playing duets with his lava-lamp shadow, notes lingering in the air with psychedelic reverb. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Mercury Lounge sound so good, the tech pushing the stereophonic effect, bouncing the jams from one side of the room to the other, adding a torque to the entire room, sending it spinning around.

In this metaphor, the closer, Föllakzoid, was the ocean. Their sound was more of a hypnotic trance, tidal and everlasting. The lights switched up to a constant stream of Technicolor bubbles as each song ebbed and flowed into exploratory movements. The effect was like a strong undertow. Without noticing it, the music pulled the crowd far from the safety of shore, powerful and kind of scary in its power. Like the Holydrug Couple’s music, lyrics and vocals were mere buoys marking the way, the space in between percolating with guitar, bass, Moog synth and a constant steady drumbeat, eventually building to a head and crashing into shore—that spot where the mountains meet the sea. —A. Stein


Dog Gone Blog Presents a Night of Chilean Psych Rock on Thursday

March 20th, 2013

Juan Pablo Rodrigues (vocals and bass), Diego Lorca (drums) and Alfredo Thiermann (synths) met as kids in Santiago, Chile. Their first time playing music together, they found themselves amidst a two-hour jam, and something clicked. They later rounded out the sound by adding Domingo Garcia-Huidobro (guitar). Föllakzoid (above, playing for Nuez TV) do a psych-heavy take on krautrock, and they take their time making new music, having recently released their second album, II  (stream it below).

Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra are also musicians from Santiago. Doing business as the Holydrug Couple (below, playing “Slow Motion Cat”), they record dreamy, layered space rock out of a home studio. And along with Föllakzoid, they’re part of a great, trippy double bill, presented by Dog Gone Blog, tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge. And to make things a little extra special, Drippy Eye Projections will be providing visuals.


After Midnight, We’re Gonna Let It All Hang Down

December 31st, 2012

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks/Prince Rupert’s Drops – Mercury Lounge – December 29, 2012

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks

There’s an old “Your father used to tell you” saying: “Nothing good happens after midnight.” But I think we can all agree that’s demonstrably false. Take Saturday’s late-night after-party double bill at Mercury Lounge put on by Dog Gone Blog for those coming from earlier shows. This one was an extrasensory delight with old school projector and Day-Glo liquid light show and some deep, mind-altering psychedelic music. First up, Prince Rupert’s Drops played music from their excellent debut album, Run Slow. The pulsing colors behind the band nicely matched the music, strong candy-coated pop one moment—like the single-ready “Almond Man”—and then stretched out taffy-like, with jams like the title track lasting the better part of 10 minutes, the next.

Finishing the night, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks played a decidedly open-ended set with perfectly pitched ambient late-night groove instrumentals mixing with some crowd-pleasing covers. The wee morning suited Bleeker and Co. well: It was as good as I’ve seen them play, nailing a rocking “Sweet Virginia” and a great “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo.” But the highlight was a cover of Phish’s “Bathtub Gin,” which launched a long, coherent space jam that went beyond Phish or Dead territory to the after-midnight place where maybe nothing good ever does happen. Just don’t tell your pop. —A. Stein


Mercury Lounge and Dog Gone Blog Have Your Late-Night Needs

December 27th, 2012

As 2012 winds down, there’s still a whole lot of nightlife left, which means you very well might want to fit in more than one concert a night. So whether you’re hitting My Morning Jacket, Phish or something else, Mercury Lounge and Dog Gone Blog have your back. Saturday night, they welcome Prince Rupert’s Drops and Real Estate bassist Alex Bleeker’s solo offshoot, Alex Bleeker & the Freaks (above, doing “Never Goin’ Back” for the Fader Fort). The Village Voice says of their psychedelic-tinged folk: “The melodies now have a campfire quality that adds a new layer to the nostalgic pop we’ve come to expect.” And Sunday, Antibalas tenor saxophonist Stuart D. Bogie brings Superhuman Happiness to Mercury Lounge. The seven-piece band (below, doing “Needles & Pins” for the Bridge Sessions), known for high energy shows, will certainly have you spending your last Saturday night/early Sunday morning of 2012 dancing along to their joyful noise.