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Spiritualized Take Webster Hall on a Deeply Personal Journey

September 11th, 2013

Spiritualized – Webster Hall – September 10, 2013

Jason Pierce (sometimes known as J. Spaceman) of Spiritualized is a man of very few words. It took until the encore last night at Webster Hall for him to even mutter two words—“thank you”—to the audience. Beyond that, he seems to save all of his expression for his music, taking the venue through a deeply personal journey of music that can be at times loud and abrasive and at other times soft and beautiful. It’s psychedelia with an emphasis on the psych, space rock for the far-reaching regions of the brain only visited when deeply in a trance.

With Spiritualized, you can forgive the noisier aspects of their music because you know, eventually, their songs will end up taking you to a place much more cathartic and comfortable. Their stage backdrop at the more loud and frantic beginnings of “Hey Jane” featured sped-up scenes of the city landscape, until the song slowed down for its much gentler coda, when the background changed to a slow-motion space-time travel sequence. It’s Spiritualized’s escapism perfectly visualized, taking concertgoers on a journey far away from the noisy chaos of New York City to a suspended state deep in the cosmos.

Pierce had plenty of help from band members for both sides of this spectrum. For the set’s noisier moments, like the entirety of the song “Electricity,” his saxophonist blared out a maelstrom of jarring honks and squeals. And for the show’s more tender moments, J. Spaceman was followed by the soothing gospel oomph of his two backup singers, like the slowed-down final moments of “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space.” Spiritualized saved their most delicate song for the encore, playing out the night with “All of My Tears” so softly you could hardly hear it at all. —Dan Rickershauser

Photos courtesy of Gregg Greenwood | gregggreenwood.com


Spiritualized Play Webster Hall Tonight

September 10th, 2013

Guided by frontman Jason Pierce (J. Spaceman), English space-rockers Spiritualized have been making lush, atmospheric music since their debut, Lazer Guided Melodies, arrived in 1992. Over the years, Pierce has remained the lone constant, recording and touring with a rotating group of talented musicians. But despite the changes in personnel, he’s continued to release high-quality material, including the much acclaimed Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, featuring a gospel choir and a Dr. John cameo—which the band played in full as part of SPIN25 at Radio City Music Hall in 2010—and last year’s terrific, ambitious Sweet Heart Sweet Light (stream it below). But just between us, J. Spaceman’s unique talents are best suited to the stage. And the good news is that Spiritualized play Webster Hall tonight, and Guy Blakeslee (of the Entrance Band) opens the show.


Two Nights of Christopher Owens at The Bowery Ballroom

January 18th, 2013

Make no mistake, Christopher Owens has led an interesting life. He spent much of his childhood traveling, as a member of Children of God, before finding his way to Amarillo, Texas, as a 16-year-old and then later making a home in San Francisco. It was there that he paired up with JR White to form Girls and make reverb-drenched ethereal pop music. But last summer Owens announced he was leaving the band to do his own thing, which turned out to be his solo debut, Lysandre (stream it below). As the LP is named after a French girl Owens once fell in love with several years ago, it should be no surprise that it’s filled with ambitious, intimate, revealing songs. “There’s a certain amount of storytelling with this album,” Owens tells Spiritualized frontman J. Spaceman in Interview, “and I felt like I had to make it quite specific to the person and to what actually happened.” Watch him, above, discussing the album and performing for Pitchfork TV and then go see him live at The Bowery Ballroom on Monday and Tuesday.


Don’t Miss Spiritualized at Terminal 5 on Monday

May 4th, 2012

The English space-rock band Spiritualized has been making lush, atmospheric music since its debut, Lazer Guided Melodies, came out in 1992. Despite several personnel changes over the years, the group—guided by frontman Jason Pierce (J. Spaceman)—has continued to produce quality albums, including the much acclaimed Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, featuring a gospel choir (plus Dr. John on one track), which they played in full as part of SPIN25 at Radio City Music Hall in 2010. Well, now Spiritualized (above performing “On Fire,” “Sweet Talk” and “You Lie You Cheat” on Later with Jools Holland) is back with another terrific, ambitious album, Sweet Heart Sweet Light. So do yourself a favor and see them on Monday night at Terminal 5. Otherwise it will be one of those shows you can’t believe you missed.