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Major Lazer – Terminal 5 – October 27, 2012

October 29th, 2012

Photos courtesy of Jeremy Ross | jeremypross.com


Downtown Records Throws a Party at Terminal 5

March 7th, 2011

Downtown Records Anniversary – Terminal 5 – March 5, 2011

Major Lazer - Terminal 5 - March 5, 2011
Continuing the celebration they started with Friday night’s blockbuster lineup at Webster Hall, Downtown Records finished their half-decade anniversary weekend on Saturday with even more heavy hitters at Terminal 5. Before Major Lazer took to the stage, emcee Aasif Mandvi (of The Daily Show) asked the crowd perhaps the most appropriate question: “Who likes weird stuff?” While the set was tamer than the past parties DJ-producer Diplo and hype man Skerrit Bwoy have thrown at Terminal 5, the weird stuff was still there.

As Skerrit Bwoy danced and jumped, two “samurais” flanked the sides of the stage and a mime popped and locked in the spotlight. All the while, the tireless frontman expanded the traditional role with his sweaty, shirtless hugs for people in the audience and the now obligatory (and all but infamous) ladder gag—during “Pon De Floor”—as Diplo stood atop an eight-foot version of the Downtown Records logo, spinning the aural part of Major Lazer that kept the crowd dancing.

Making her second appearance with the group at Terminal 5, Santigold came out near the end of the set for a brief verse or two. Rounding out the heavy lineup (DJ Ed Banger and DJ Mehdi opened the night), Miike Snow put on an energetic dance-inducing set bathed in heavy smoke and white strobe lights. The masked group slow-burned through the first two songs, relying on their wavy vocals and heavy Genesis-style drums. By the third song, “Black & Blue,” they had added a nearly full-size piano, drums and guitars, guided by their electronica backbone. Coming off a relentless tour schedule, this was the band’s last show before they “go and finish [their] record,” but there was no fatigue in their performance. Miike Snow back-loaded the set with their hit, “Animal,” and an encore-capping cover of Vampire Weekend’s “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance,” the perfect cooldown to an elevated-heart-rate night. —Sean O’Kane

Photos courtesy of Diana Wong | DianaWongPhoto.com


Major Lazer Brings the Party

April 5th, 2010

Major Lazer – Terminal 5 – April 3, 2010

Major Lazer - Terminal 5 - April 3, 2010
Where Major Lazer goes, so goes the party. Famed producer Diplo and frontman Skerrit Bwoy brought that party to Terminal 5 on Saturday night, coheadlining the HardNYC show with Boys Noize. Their shows strike an uncanny resemblance to the rave scene in Go, only without a terrifying, drug-dealing Timothy Olyphant marching through the crowd. To use the term sensory overload would be accurate, but it would understate the fun that Major Lazer created.

With ultracatchy songs like “Keep It Going Louder” and “Pon de Floor” bleeding into one another for nearly the whole hour, every level of the cavernous venue had people dancing awash in lights (provided by Major Lazer, Terminal 5 and concertgoers). Diplo expertly manned a lengthy table topped with dozens of beat-making tools and covered in a facade of blinking LEDs.

Completing (and dominating) the experience was the whirling dervish that is Skerrit Bwoy. Constantly bouncing back and forth from the stage to the crowd, he balanced shouts in the microphone in his right hand with swigs from the bottle of Hennessy in his left. As if he weren’t enough of a presence alone, the stage was constantly filled and emptied with a combination of professional dancers in Chinese dragon costumes, guest rappers and even audience members. In the same frenzied fashion that the set started, it finished abruptly at the stroke of 1 a.m., just in time for Boys Noize to close the night with their own display of ocular and aural madness. —Sean O’Kane

Photos courtesy of Sean O’Kane | seanokanephoto.com

Celebrate the Return of HardNYC by Downloading This MP3

February 26th, 2010
(Photo: Sean O’Kane)

(Photo: Sean O’Kane)

Last year’s HardNYC show at Terminal 5 was so crazy that you just had to figure they’d be back this year. And you were right: Boys Noize and Major Lazer with Buraka Som Sistema, Proxy and Destructo are returning to Terminal 5 on April 3rd. Some tickets still remain, but you can get your pregame started early by downloading this version of Major Lazer’s “Bruk Out” Destructo remix by Gary Richards (Destructo) here.


A Spectacle of Sight and Sound

October 12th, 2009

HardNYC: Major Lazer – Terminal 5 – October 10, 2009

HardNYC: Major Lazer - Terminal 5 - October 10, 2009
Take a deep breath: Major Lazer’s show on Saturday brought the famous producer Diplo, rowdy frontman Skerrit Bwoy, numerous guest appearances (including one by Santigold), a daring leap from a 10-foot ladder, ounces and ounces of spilled Hennessy and champagne, and about 30 fans to the Terminal 5 stage. And oh, yeah, really good music.

Major Lazer, sandwiched between more standard-style DJ sets from DJ Rusko and coheadliner Crookers, was easily the performance of the night and certainly one of the wildest shows Terminal 5 will see this year. Accompanied by two dancers, Skerrit Bwoy, using more than just his personality, pushed the crowd to its limits of excitement for the entire set. The renowned producer and DJ Diplo provided a constant, but never boring, flow of samples, blips and beats, all set to wildly colorful visuals on a giant screen at the back of the stage.

But what made the show such an event were the antics that took place, highlighted by the raucous “Pon de Floor”—which featured Skerrit Bwoy and some friends getting all too friendly with the dancers—and the removal of most of the front row of the crowd to party onstage. Capping the set were a brief appearance from Santigold during “Hold the Line” (on which she appears on Major Lazer’s album, Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do) and a few minutes of performance in almost total darkness. When Major Lazer left the stage, Crookers took over and carried the crowd into early Sunday morning. —Sean O’Kane

Photos courtesy of Sean O’Kane | seanokanephoto.com


Grow a Pair: Win Free Tickets to HardNYC on 10/10

October 6th, 2009


Crookers, Major Lazer, Rusko, Jack Beats and Destructo are playing Terminal 5 on Saturday as part of Hard’s inaugural New York City event, HardNYC. And if you don’t already have tickets, try to Grow a Pair from The House List. It’s easy. Just fill out the form below, listing your name, e-mail address, which show you’re trying to win tickets to (HardNYC, 10/10) and a brief message explaining why you deserve a free night of cool tunes and a killer audio-visual experience. Eddie Bruiser, who hopes to have recovered from last Saturday’s hangover by next Saturday, will notify the winner by noon on Friday, October 9th. Good luck.

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