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Two Chances to See Joan of Arc Perform Live This Weekend

January 27th, 2017

Expertly blending punk’s volume and dynamics with post-rocks atmospherics, Joan of Arc have been anchored by Tim Kinsella (vocals and guitar) ever since forming more than two decades ago in Chicago. He’s currently backed by an original member, Jeremy Boyle (guitar), and Bobby Burg (bass), Melina Ausikaitis (guitar and vocals) and Theo Katsaounis (drums)—and the band’s first new full-length album in five years, He’s Got the Whole This Land Is Your Land in His Hands (stream it below), just came out last week. Joan of Arc (above, their new video for “Two-Toothed Troll”) “ask a very timely question: ‘What the fuck? Rarely have they had their finger so squarely on the pulse,” says PopMatters. “Patience and collaboration continue to focus and invigorate Joan of Arc.” And with new music comes a new tour. Catch them opening for American Football on Saturday at Terminal 5 and playing the early show at Mercury Lounge on Sunday.


Ahead of New Album, Fenech-Soler Play Mercury Lounge Tonight

January 25th, 2017

Influenced by Michael Jackson’s Dangerous, Ben Duffy (vocals), Ross Duffy (guitar), Daniel Soler (bass and keys) and Andrew Lindsay (percussion) formed the English electropop band Fenech-Soler more than 10 years ago, making music in the vein of Klaxons, Two Door Cinema Club and Friendly Fires. They’ve already released two full-lengths, including 2013’s Rituals (stream it below). And while Soler and Lindsay have since amicably departed, the band continues on with the Duffy brothers, releasing the EP Kaleidoscope (stream it below), with “a slick new synthpop sound,” last year. A third long-player, Zilla, comes out next week, but you won’t have to wait that long to hear new tunes from Fenech-Soler (above, performng “Kaleidoscope” live) because they play Mercury Lounge tonight. Brooklyn’s Glassio open the show.


Susto Play the Early Show Tonight at Mercury Lounge

January 24th, 2017

Formed by Justin Osborne (vocals and guitar) a few years back, Susto—rounded out by Corey Campbell (keys and guitar), Marshall Hudson (drums), Jenna Desmond (bass) and Dries Vandenberg (guitar)—make a similar kind of crowd-pleasing folkish alt-country music as acts like the Lumineers, Shovels & Rope and Band of Horses. The Charleston, S.C., group’s fan base has steadily grown thanks to energetic live performances at festivals like Austin City Limits and Stagecoach. And having just released their second album, & I’m Fine Today (stream it below)—“swaying between country-tinged rock, contemplative pop ballads and any number of other genres that exist somewhere within the expansive fabric of Southern music,” according to Consequence of Sound. “It can seem like a pretty hopeless world out there sometimes, but this is the kind of music that just hits in the right way on those long, dark nights of the soul”—Susto (above, “Hard Drugs” for Audiotree Live) play Mercury Lounge tonight, and Heyrocco open the show.


Two Chances to Catch Palmistry Live in New York City

January 18th, 2017

South London vocalist-producer Benjy Keating has been doing his own bedroom-pop take on dancehall, deftly mixing ambient synths, contemporary Caribbean rhythms and melancholic lyrics with grime and R&B as Palmistry for several years now. And following the release of a few EPs and mixtapes, his debut full-length, Pagan (stream it below), came out last year to rave reviews. “These are performative anthems, which use the sonic and effective history of their sounds to construct towering emotional peaks,” according to Tiny Mix Tapes. “It is essential inasmuch as it succeeds in touching on something inherent, drawing from a preconscious set of sounds to create music that is as striking as it is affecting.” Currently on an East Coast swing, Palmistry (above, his official video for “Club Aso”) plays Rough Trade NYC tonight and Mercury Lounge tomorrow. Singer-songwriter Kahli Abdu opens both shows.


Liza Anne Plays the Early Show Tonight at Mercury Lounge

January 3rd, 2017

When Nashville, Tenn., folk-rock singer-songwriter Liza Anne (above, doing “Room” for Audiotree Live) put out her debut album, The Colder Months (stream it below), in 2014, “she appeared to be headed on a straight trajectory toward strummy folk in the standard confessional style, save for tasteful sprinklings of roots and country,” according to Diffuser. But on her follow-up, last year’s Two (stream it below), “Anne sounds determined to forge her own musical voice. She’s found it. And given where she has been, Two fosters a distinct sensation of ‘we’re not in Kansas anymore.’” Fortunately for us, neither is Liza Anne. See her at the early show tonight at Mercury Lounge. Keenan O’Meara opens.


The Hotelier Play the Early Show Tomorrow at Mercury Lounge

December 30th, 2016

Christian Holden (vocals and bass), Chris Hoffman (guitar and vocals) and Sam Frederick (drums) launched to punk-pop band the Hotelier seven years ago in Worcester, Mass., becoming one of the driving forces behind emo’s revival. Their acclaimed third album, Goodness (stream it below), came out this past May. “Here, the Hotelier showcase their growth, emphasizing how they have changed and developed as humans and as musicians,” gushed Exclaim. “They’re learning to let go of the past and appreciate the present. Goodness is the next step on that journey—and a beautiful one, at that.” And before they head to Europe in a few weeks, the Hotelier (above, doing “Your Deep Rest”) play Mercury Lounge tomorrow night. Oso Oso and Born Without Bones open the show.


David Wax Museum Play the Early Show Tomorrow at Mercury Lounge

December 29th, 2016

Singer-songwriter David Wax bonded over music with singer-fiddler Suz Slezak close to a decade ago in Cambridge, Mass. And with a healthy dash of pop added to his interest in Mexican folk and her take on Appalachian-inspired American folk, their band, David Wax Museum, was born. They’ve steadily recorded and toured ever since, and things have gone so well that the two eventually married and began a family. Following the release of 2015’s Guesthouse (stream it below), David Wax Museum (above, performing “Guesthouse” live in concert for WXPN FM) just put out a new EP, A La Rumba Rumba (stream it below)—“a colorful exploration of the Latin American folk music that has inspired us over the years”—last month. See them tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge. Auld Lang Syne, out of Rochester, N.Y., open the show.


A Double Dose of Curtis Harding in New York City This Weekend

December 9th, 2016

Two years ago, Rolling Stone labeled versatile singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Curtis Harding one of “10 Artists You Need to Know,” saying he sounds like “super-fly nuggets from soul and rock’s late-’70s crossover heyday, rediscovered by the son of a gospel singer.” Walker’s toured as a backup singer for Cee Lo Green and, after bonding over a shared love of vintage Southern soul, Harding (above, performing “Keep On Shining”) and the Black LipsCole Alexander launched Night Sun, deftly mixing R&B and garage rock. Harding’s first solo release—a “genius debut album” per NMESoul Power (stream it below) came out in 2014 to acclaim around the world. “Soul Power’s adventurous marrying of classic and contemporary with swagger and sensuality injects a particular energy into the current alternative-music scene,” raved Renowned for Sound. “Harding transforms stirring stories of hardship into something beautiful and tangible, which will be the foundation of an undoubtedly long and prolific future career.” His most recent tour winds down this weekend with a pair of shows in New York City, at Rough Trade NYC on Saturday night and at Mercury Lounge on Sunday night.


Handsome Ghost Play the Early Show Tomorrow at Mercury Lounge

December 7th, 2016

Several years ago, Tim Noyes was a high school English teacher moonlighting as a folk singer-songwriter when he decided to take a bold step, opting to launch the dreamy synth-pop project Handsome Ghost—making the kind of music that Nylon calls “youthful without being young. He infuses atmospheric elements, but doesn’t get lost in them. Let’s call it grounded synth-pop: songs that tip their hats to the past, but are firmly set in the present. Think the Postal Service without the grandiose poetics.” With a full-length album due out early next year, an engaging EP, the well-received The Brilliant Glow (stream it below), arrived this past September. And out on their first headlining tour in support of it, Handsome Ghost (above, doing “Eyes Wide May”) play Mercury Lounge tomorrow night. Brooklyn’s Yoke Lore opens the show.


Red Fang – Mercury Lounge – December 5, 2016

December 6th, 2016

Red Fang - Mercury Lounge - December 5, 2016

Photos courtesy of Silvia Saponaro | www.saponarophotography.com


Windhand Play the Late Show at Mercury Lounge on Saturday Night

December 1st, 2016

WindhandDorthia Cottrell (vocals), Parker Chandler (bass), Asechiah Bogdan (guitar), Garrett Morris (guitar) and Ryan Wolfe (drums)—sprung up out of the fertile Richmond, Va., music scene in 2009 with a more nuanced take on doom metal. “Blending shuddering low-end fuzz and pounding rhythms with Cottrell’s ethereal vocals, the band recalls the sound of classic doom while adding a new dimension to one of metal’s heaviest subgenres,” according to AllMusic. Windhand have relentlessly toured across the country and the world—as headliners and as a support act—while still making time to hit the studio. Their third full-length, Grief’s Infernal Flower (stream it below), arrived last year to some considerable acclaim. Consequence of Sound called it “a minor masterpiece and the best doom-metal album of the year,” adding, “The record’s breath-like flow, spacious atmosphere and hopeful melancholy coalesce into a visceral experience that begs to be lived with, shared, reflected on, meditated to and then possessed like a personal artifact. Spend time with these recordings and they become a source of comfort, a steadiness in one’s life.” You should also spend time with Windhand in person, which you can do on Saturday night at Mercury Lounge. D.C. death-doom outfit Ilsa open the show.


The Districts – Mercury Lounge – November 30, 2016

December 1st, 2016

The Districts - Mercury Lounge - November 30, 2016

Photos courtesy of Silvia Saponaro | www.saponarophotography.com


The Moth & the Flame Light Up Mercury Lounge

November 30th, 2016

The Moth & the Flame – Mercury Lounge – November 29, 2016

An upside down ampersand symbol lit up Mercury Lounge last night as the Los Angeles quartet the Moth & the Flame set up onstage. Brewing a melting pot of alternative-rock sounds, they began their performance with tracks from their second full-length album, Young & Unafraid. Ranging from slow, thoughtful songs like “Wishing Well” to energetic numbers like “Red Flag,” the Moth & the Flame take you through a roller coaster of emotions. There were certain moments when the bassline was pure perfection and the drums echoed through the mesmerized crowd.

There’s something about how singer Brandon Robbins’ voice hits a low pitch and then rises higher, like on their most popular song, “Young & Unafraid,” a bittersweet tale of youth and taking risks. As the crowd loudly sang along, the ampersand changed colors. Young & Unafraid was made with the help of Tony Hoffer and producer-mixer Peter Katis—best known for his work with bands like Interpol and the National. It’s no wonder why the Moth & the Flame lit up Mercury Lounge on a rainy night. —Karen Silva | @ClassicKaren


The Moth & the Flame Play Mercury Lounge on Tuesday Night

November 25th, 2016

Formed in the Utah desert five years ago, the Moth & the Flame—Brandon Robbins (vocals and guitar), Mark Garbett (keys and vocals), Andrew Tolman (drums) and Michael Goldman (bass)—have been making the kind of experimental rock that, for many, immediately calls to mind Radiohead. The quartet has since relocated to Los Angeles, and the Moth & the Flame (above, performing an acoustic version of “Live While I Breathe” live on location) put out their second studio full-length, Young & Unafraid (stream it below), earlier this year. And winding down an East Coast swing, they play Mercury Lounge on Tuesday, and 888 open the show.


Catch the Darcys and Myzica on Saturday at Mercury Lounge

November 18th, 2016

Jason Couse (vocals and guitar) and Wes Marskell (drums) have been making music together as the Toronto art-rock duo the Darcys (above, doing “Miracle” on CFNY FM 102.1 the Edge) for just about 10 years. Their fourth studio full-length, Centerfold (stream it below), came out two weeks ago. It’s “a sleek, neon-toned dance album,” according to AllMusic. “Ultimately, while it’s their fourth release, the Darcys have crafted an album that feels more like a debut. Technically, it might not be the place to start, but given its glossy, attractive qualities (as the title implies), Centerfold might just be the place you’ll want to turn to first. Another duo, Myzica—Isaaca Byrd (vocals) and Micah Tawlks (producer)— also have a new LP, Love & Desire (stream it below). And although they’re based in Nashville, rather than making country music, Myzica (below, covering “Drive” for Acme Radio Live) work in shimmery, emotive pop. Catch them both bands performing live at the early show on Saturday night at Mercury Lounge.