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Two Nights of Dan Deacon

November 13th, 2012

Dan Deacon has long been interested in making music. He released his first two solo albums—on CD-R no less—while still in school at SUNY Purchase’s Conservatory of Music. Upon graduation he decamped for Baltimore and took up residence in an arts and music collective, and things really began to take off for him. In addition to some top-notch classical work, Deacon has been on a bit of a roll when it comes to electronic music, with three stellar albums in a row: Spiderman of the Rings in 2007, Bromst in 2009 and America, which came out this past summer. And all of that is great, because who doesn’t like to listen to quality records? But the recorded material is just a beginning, because for Dan Deacon it’s all about performing with a live band and a heavy dose of audience participation. He’s even got a free phone app that synchronizes all of the songs and turns them into the light show for a portion of his live sets. So do yourself a favor and get involved when Deacon plays Music Hall of Williamsburg tomorrow night and then The Bowery Ballroom on Friday night.

(And about those shows, Deacon says: “I want to let you know that the proceeds from my upcoming 11/14 Music Hall of Williamsburg and 11/16 Bowery Ballroom shows will be donated to Sandy relief. Having grown up on Long Island, so much of my family and many of my close friends live in New York and New Jersey. I don’t feel right going there, playing these shows and not pitching in to help out with the recovery so I’m going to donate my fee for these two shows to the Red Cross and Occupy Sandy.”)


Redd Kross Plays Music Hall of Williamsburg Tomorrow Night

July 5th, 2012

Brothers Jeff (vocals and guitar) and Steve (bass) McDonald formed their first band, the Tourists, while attending middle school in the L.A. suburb Hawthorne, Calif.—home of the Beach Boys. The precocious group’s first gig found them opening for Black Flag. By 1980, they had changed their name to Red Cross and released a self-titled EP. But when bandmates (and schoolmates) Greg Hetson (guitar) and Ron Reyes (drums) left for the Circle Jerks and Black Flag, respectively, the brothers McDonald relied on a changing lineup of musicians to put out six albums of quality pop punk under the name Redd Kross before going on hiatus in 1997. Then the band suddenly returned to the stage in 2006 and began playing festivals and one-off shows. But that wasn’t enough for them. In fact, an album of new material, Researching the Blues, is due out next month. And Redd Kross (above, doing “Jimmy’s Fantasy” on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno) plays Music Hall of Williamsburg tomorrow night as part of the CBGB Festival.