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Drowners Celebrate Album Release Tomorrow at The Bowery Ballroom

January 30th, 2014

Welshman Matthew Hitt (vocals and rhythm guitar) had made a home for himself in New York City—“I like the way things are done here. I like how late everything happens”—when he began meeting like-minded musicians: Lakis Pavlou (drums), Jack Ridley III (lead guitar) and Erik Lee Snyder (bass). Together the foursome became Drowners, and they simultaneously began writing material and working on their live sound. Thanks to their first EP, Between Us Girls (stream it below)—which, filled with upbeat rock, drew comparisons to the Buzzcocks and the Kinks—they hit the road with Arctic Monkeys and the Vaccines. Their self-titled debut full-length (stream it below), just came out on Tuesday on Frenchkiss Records, and Drowners (above, in their video for “Luv, Hold Me Down”) play The Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night.


The Life-Affirming Power of Lord Huron

February 25th, 2013

Lord Huron – Music Hall of Williamsburg – February 23, 2013

The expansive, hazy mountain range painted on the backdrop that decked the stage for Los Angeles band Lord Huron’s sold-out show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday night perfectly set the tone for the band’s performance. The types of big thoughts that can pass through one’s mind when looking at such a perfect panorama—life, death, love, the wonders of nature—are all themes that pervade the five-piece’s sentimental debut album, last year’s Lonesome Dreams.

Full of jaunty, layered guitars and vocal harmonies, Lord Huron at times evoked the uplifting alt-country of My Morning Jacket or the Afrobeat fusion of Paul Simon’s Graceland, along with slow-building cinematic swells and joyful moments begging to be clapped along to. Although Lord Huron’s recorded music doesn’t shy away from the understated and mellow, the live version of numbers like “She Lit a Fire” and “The Problem with Your Daughter” had a much sharper bite than their album counterparts, while meditative number “The Ghost on the Shore” was wisely left in its minimal state.

The group’s lone cover of the night, “Strangers” by the Kinks, fit in well with the reflective, exploratory theme of the show, and its lyrics “If I feel tomorrow like I feel today/ We’ll take what we want and give the rest away/ Strangers on this road we are on/ We are not two we are one” seem indirectly referenced in the sentiment of Lord Huron’s lyric: “Out there’s a world that calls for me, girl, heading out into the unknown/ Well if there are strangers and all kinds of danger, please don’t say I’m going alone,” which singer Ben Schneider contemplates on “Ends of the Earth.” Lord Huron’s combination of contagious melodies with the lyrical voice of a philosophical and wonder-filled world traveler clearly resonates with crowds, and as everyone sang and danced along, the vibe inside Music Hall of Williamsburg was as positive and life-affirming as it might be around a campfire, if those misty mountain ranges in the background were real. —Alena Kastin

Photos courtesy of Mike Benigno | mikebenigno.wordpress.com