Five Questions with…Pete Bauer

April 15th, 2009

The Walkmen

The Walkmen hit Webster Hall tomorrow night for a sold-out hometown show before beginning an arena tour with Kings of Leon. Pete Bauer, the bass and organ player, kindly took time to exchange e-mails with The House List to answer five questions.

What’s the last band you paid to see?
I think I actually paid to see Pearl Jam because my wife is some kind of crazed superfan. There have been several disagreements about this around the house, especially with the Eddie Vedder solo shows.

Which bands that you listened to growing up do you still listen to?
I still listen to the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison and all those sort of golden oldies. I have also been listening to the Nation of Ulysses a lot again recently, which is something I listened to often growing up. I heard some of Extra Width by Jon Spencer on the radio the other day, which I hadn’t heard in years, but they cut the song off in the middle, which was weird.

Who are your inspirations outside of the music world?
I don’t know. I guess I like several writers a good amount. I always really loved Jorge Luis Borges and have really dug in deep with him for years. He is a real constant.

What’s the toughest part of playing New York City?
Historically, I would say it was always loading out. Putting all our crap back in our studio was always a disaster because everyone wants to go out and have a good time and someone always gets stuck with the piano. We solved this problem by getting equipment insurance and leaving everything in an unlocked van.

Have you ever experienced fear onstage?
The first time I ever had a show with my old band, the Recoys, I threw up as we went on. —R. Zizmor