Assembly of Dust – Mercury Lounge – April 29, 2009

May 4th, 2009
(Photo: Christan Keller)

(Photo: Christina Keller)

There is something slightly unsettling about going into a rock club for a show while the sun is still out. But with the warm weather finally pushing its way into town, and summer nigh, a little daylight with your rock and roll ain’t such a bad thing. This is especially true for sunshine music like the Assembly of Dust, who played the early show at the Mercury Lounge on Wednesday.

The band opened appropriately with “Arc of the Sun,” an upbeat, beaming number with a tinge of Pink Floyd-esque psychedelia threaded through it. With front-man Reid Genauer singing “We’ve been expecting you…” in wonderful harmony with his bandmates, the scene was set for an early rager. With the Dead warming up across the river in New Jersey, AoD did their best to capture and enliven a smidge of that Americana-meets-free-form vibe. This isn’t like the dark, out-there Dead, but rather the upbeat, sunny-afternoon version. Assembly of Dust is the equivalent of the feeling you get on a beautiful day when you just say “the hell with it,” leave work early and go romp around the park.

The music rode on Genauer’s songwriting and plenty of build-and-release moments to keep the crowd smiling. Throwing in a few brand new tunes from their forthcoming album, Some Assembly Required, the set was a bang-bang-bang affair of sing-alongs, boogie-downs and fist-pumpers. Everything built to a fiery conclusion with a long, guitar-jammed “Reverly” making way for a sharp “Spectulator.” This last tune built to a nice jam and then segued quite expertly into Neil Young’s “Comes a Time,” which bopped between tempos and genres before easing back into the “Speculator” coda to end the set. —A. Stein