The Helio Sequence – Music Hall of Williamsburg – May 28, 2009

May 29th, 2009

The Helio Sequence - Music Hall of Williamsburg - May 28, 2009

The Helio Sequence is an awesome indie electro band from Portland, Ore., with a good backstory. Drummer Benjamin Weikel used to play with Modest Mouse, and vocalist-guitarist Brandon Summers lost his voice prior to the Helio Sequence’s 2008 release, Keep Your Eyes Ahead, and had to relearn how to sing. (Oh, yeah, and they’re signed to notable indie label Sup Pop.) But there’s more to the band than that.

For just two guys, they sure can make a lot of noise! Last night’s set at the Music Hall of Williamsburg was stellar. Summers and Weikel play fuzzed-out, up-tempo rock with an onstage fury that often makes those in the audience forget that it’s just two guys playing. Summers is a unique and somewhat mesmerizing front man with his muted vocals, and Weikel is an excitingly hard-hitting, precise drummer. The highlight was the closing songs, which switched the mood of the set by including an acoustic ballad and a superloud, distorted, spacey song.

While it was a one-off show in the middle of the band’s tour with English piano-rockers Keane and singer-songwriter Matt Kearney, last night’s performance was a real treat for fans. —Kirsten Housel

Photos courtesy of Kirsten Housel