Doves – Terminal 5 – June 4, 2009

June 5th, 2009

Doves - Terminal 5 - June 4, 2009

Fresh from taping a performance for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, UK indie-rock trio Doves packed the house in many ways last night at Terminal 5—first of which was filling the venue to the brim with fans. What the group lacked in physical presence (although they play with a fourth member on tour) they absolutely made up for in aural presence. Not a note was spared from the first few rows of people packed tightly against the metal barrier up to the crowded VIP balcony on the third floor in the back.

Generally, Doves’ music is considered progressive rock, but their long set exposed the simplicity that makes their music great. While lead singer and bassist Jimi Goodwin’s bass lines often sounded like they were in different songs from the parts that guitarist Jez Williams was playing, the musical direction would boomerang back to straightforward choruses and stunning shout-along moments. Buried beneath the reverberated vocals and delayed guitar (rounded out by Martin Rebelski’s omnipresent keyboards) was your standard Brit rock. Many of Doves’ songs could pass as drug-trip versions of Kooks tunes. Andy Williams—Jez’s brother—supplied bounding drum parts that gave the crowd a great beat for dancing. After all, the unwritten rule at Terminal 5 seems to be if all sight lines fail, break into full dance-party mode. —Sean O’Kane

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