Tim Fite Brings Brings His Unique Style to Mercury Lounge

June 9th, 2009

Tim Fite – Mercury Lounge – June 8, 2009

Tim Fite - Mercury Lounge - June 8, 2009

Last night at Mercury Lounge, Tim Fite made a big mark on the crowd. You could call his act a gimmick, but to try to nail down one specific part of his shtick would absolutely be selling him short. Sure, he and buddy Sexy Leroy donned outfits that would fit into a Main Street shop in Disney World. And there was also a video screen behind them often showing multiple views of Fite singing the song he was currently performing. Plus, there was even a measurable amount of toilet humor (with props, of course).

But the fact is that Fite was able to balance that sensory overload of fun with really good music, ranging from totally accessible pop to a rap style all his own. From the beginning of the set, he used this combination to rope in the crowd. (Actually, Sexy Leroy literally used a giant rope to make sure everyone was in as close as possible.) The audience-participation theme continued in various forms, ranging from sing-alongs to a “story-time” session, all while Sexy Leroy would wander the crowd, often out of sight, making you wonder what the two still had in store. Yet the crowd was surprised when, after ascending a ladder in the middle of the floor during the finale, Leroy sprayed water from a bottle between his legs. It was the punch line to a wonderful set. —Sean O’Kane

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