My Five: Jay Belin

June 19th, 2009
1. Passion Pit, Manners 2. Gentleman Jesse and His Band, Gentleman Jesse and His Band 3. The Gaslight Anthem, The ’59 Sound 4. Crocodiles, “Summer of Hate” 5. Dawes, North Hills

(Left to right) 1. Passion Pit 2. Dawes 3. Gentleman Jesse and His Band 4. Crocodiles 5. The Gaslight Anthem

Jay Belin is the talent buyer at Mercury Lounge. Lots of music comes his way, but these are the five CDs he’s listening to the most right now. Read below to see why.

Passion Pit, Manners
Who said being young, dumb and full of cum couldn’t get you anywhere? Well, two of three anyway. The hype machine is in full gear and why not—this record rules hard. I heart these guys and that was before hearing this. Manners only makes it easier. (Passion Pit plays two sold-out shows at The Bowery Ballroom this weekend.)

Dawes, North Hills
My love of this record has confused more than one of my friends, but there is something undeniable about the sincerity and musical ability of these youngbloods from the great state of California. It may not land in my wheelhouse, but these days it’s all I want to hear.

Gentlemen Jesse and His Band, Gentlemen Jesse and His Band
Things can go two ways when you hear a band for the first time at a show. This one obviously fell into the positive end of the spectrum. It’s been said before, but they fill the void left in my soul by the Exploding Hearts tragedy.

Crocodiles, “Summer of Hate
Falling for a band after hearing one song is as dumb as selling the farm after the first date, but sometimes, if you’re lucky, it all works out in the end. The standout “I Wanna Kill” was built for skinny ties and confused Goths on dance floors across the country. (Crocodiles are playing Mercury Lounge tomorrow night.)

The Gaslight Anthem, The ’59 Sound
If you aren’t obsessed with this record, I’m de-friending you. Sorry for the drama, but seriously, rent a convertible, hit the highway and watch your troubles disappear in the rearview mirror. They’re the best thing to come out of Jersey since the Bouncing Souls (yeah, I went there).