Band Rises Like a Phoenix at Terminal 5

June 22nd, 2009

Phoenix – Terminal 5 – June 19, 2009

Phoenix - Terminal 5 - June 19, 2009

It’s strange how easy it is to miss a band’s rise in popularity. One minute it’s 2004 and a friend is playing you this “new” French dance-pop in a car, and the next it’s 2009 and that same band is taking the stage in front of a sold-out crowd at Terminal 5. While Phoenix has gotten a fair share of attention in those years in between, it has been most recently that they’ve reached the heights of that rise. Their set on Friday was sharp and impressive. The band bounced between songs that scream the ability to sell out arenas (like the two-part “Love Like a Sunset”) to simpler ones, like “Lisztomania,” which show why they still play venues like they did the night before at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Front man Thomas Mars excellently showcased those endearing moments that would fit tightly in a smaller club, but also knew when to take a step back and let his bandmates (Phoenix features six members for their live show) fill the three floors of Terminal 5 with more than just quick guitar lines and catchy melodies.

The rest of the set sparkled, and they wrapped up their encore with “1901,” the newest single off their new album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. At the end of the song, Mars requested the lights be turned off, and when they came back on a few moments later, he was in the crowd, screaming along with the fans until the song ended. —Sean O’Kane

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