Bedouin Soundclash Fans Sing and Dance at Mercury Lounge

June 24th, 2009

Bedouin Soundclash – Mercury Lounge – June 23, 2009

Bedouin Soundclash - Mercury Lounge - June 23, 2009
Last night’s Bedouin Soundclash show at Mercury Lounge was a raucous dance party fueled by the sweet sounds of reggae, dub, ska and a little punk rock. The recently reconfigured Toronto-based duo—Jay Malinowski (vocals and guitar) and bassist Eon Sinclair—took the stage with an outstanding backing band that included a drummer and two horn players/backup singers/dancers who really filled out the band’s sound and excelled the exuberant live show.

Though they just released the digital EP Where Have the Songs Played Gone To on June 19th, Bedouin Soundclash played only one song off it: “On My Block,” a rocker with a great “na na na” refrain. Many of the set’s stand-out tracks were from their 2007 album, Nico on the Night Train (about a girl who stripped to put herself through school)—like the slow skank “St. Andrews” and “12:59 Lullaby,” which prompted many in the crowd to sing along. (Later, a song dedicated to all those singers, “Nothing to Say”—off the 2005 album Sounding a Mosaic—led to even bigger sing-along.)

Bedouin Soundclash does a stellar job of combining the influences of its members and creating a sound that is pretty much all their own. This sold-out club show was a major treat for fans, as after Bedouin Soundclash hit the road this summer—including a number of dates opening for No Doubt—there is no way they will be playing venues this size again. —Kirsten Housel

Photos courtesy of Kirsten Housel