Five Questions with…Brad Clifford

July 9th, 2009
Poison the Well

Poison the Well

With the economy still tanking, what’s a better bang for your buck on a Friday than to see 10 bands for just $10? Madball, Poison the Well, Terror, Vision of Disorder, This Is Hell, Death Before Dishonor, Trapped Under Ice, Crime in Stereo, the Ghost Inside and War of Ages all descend on Terminal 5 tomorrow, July 10th, as part of the 10 for $10 Tour. In advance of the show, Brad Clifford, a guitarist for the Florida post-hardcore band Poison the Well, checked in from the road to answer five questions for The House List.

What band are you most ashamed to admit listening to?
Yesterday in the van, Ryan [Primack] asked me what I was listening to and looked really bummed when I said Tegan and Sara. But I have no shame!

Who are your inspirations outside of the music world?
A lot of art [by people] like Sylvia Ji, AJ Fosik and Thomas Hooper. Every city I go to and the things I see there. People who are positive and have interesting things to say. It all gets me pumped and keeps me happy.

What’s the toughest part of playing New York City?
Getting everyone I love in on the guest list and making time to hang out as much as I can. Leaving it also sucks.

Do you have any crutches when writing a song—are there certain words or styles you feel you lean on too much?
I think that relying on the open low string as an anchor is something that kind of plagues almost every band in heavy music, ourselves included.

Do you have to be depressed to write a sad song? Do you have to be in love to write a love song? Is a song better when it really happened to you?
Almost Famous call out! I always think stories are better when they’re real and have a living backbone, but a few true artists can create amazing pure fiction. —R. Zizmor