A Unique Night of Music at Mercury Lounge

July 22nd, 2009

Previously on Lost and Malajube – Mercury Lounge – July 21, 2009

previously-on-lostOnly in this post-post-postmodern world could Previously on Lost exist. For the uninitiated or unaware, POL is a band that does musical episode recaps of the television show Lost. It’s the ultimate in fanboy geekdom, but don’t let that scare you. Playing their greatest hits from seasons four and five at Mercury Lounge last night, Previously on Lost proved that they’re more than just a goof, although they’re plenty goofy.

With songs like “Sayid,” a porn-funk love-maker, “Will You Be My Constant,” a crooner ballad, the punkish rager “The Island Won’t Let You Die” and the countrified groove of “The War Is Gonna Come” (note: song titles are mine) POL appeals to your Lost lust as well as your love for great music. Sure, the lyrics are deep on Lost plot points and Internet speculation (“Jacob’s kaput/ Inside a foot”). Sure, the band and stage are decked out in island attire and stuffed polar bears occasionally get whacked on the guitar player’s head during a solo. Sure, almost every tune features a Theremin solo. Sure, the between-song banter is almost entirely—and hilariously—tongue-in-cheek. In the end, Lost fan or not, it’s got a great beat and you can dance to it.

MalajubeThe closing band was Malajube, a band that’s 75 percent mustachioed and 100 percent French Canadian. But no Eurotrash electropop here. This was pure American-style indie rock. The quartet enjoyed open-song structures: One section would lead into another, expanding in sound and shape but rarely doubling back into a verse/chorus convention. What began with a groovy bass-and-keys lead sound evolved into a more guitar-centric raging. The longer they went, the louder it got until the clean sound became a muddy incoherence, sometimes gloriously so. From Montreal to Budweiser to a straight shot of Jack. —A. Stein