Kid Koala Presents the Slew (and a Free Album Download)

September 23rd, 2009

Eric San (Kid Koala) and Dylan J. Frombach (Dynomite D) were asked to do the soundtrack for an in-production documentary. The flick, ultimately, fell apart, but the psychedelic-rock-tinged score did not. And somewhere along the way, the DJ duo met Chris Ross (bass) and Myles Heskett (drums)—the former rhythm section of Wolfmother—and told them about the lost movie and their accompanying tunes. Heskett and Ross loved what they heard, and everyone decided to take the music on the road. But before the Slew tour began, Kid Koala discovered that the album had been leaked online. It’s a tour-only release, so instead of freaking out, he figured it made sense for everyone to have the chance to hear it before they come to Music Hall of Williamsburg next Wednesday, September 30th. (Download the album here.) It’s a big sound, with DJs, bass, keys, drums and six(!) turntables. You won’t want to miss this.

(Check out the video, above, for the Slew’s “It’s All Over.”)