Playing for Change: Songs Around the World

October 6th, 2009

The multimedia music project Playing for Change brings together musicians from all over the world to “inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music.” The project’s creators traveled across the globe to record local musicians performing the same song in their own style. (You can check out the first single, “Stand by Me,” above.) Playing for Change has gone on to record other songs and to launch a foundation, which most recently opened a school of music and dance in Ghana. Playing for Change: Songs Around the World—featuring Mohammed Alidu (Ghana), Peter Bunetta (L.A.), Grandpa Elliott (New Oleans), Mermans Kenkosenki (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Louis Mhlanga (Zimbabwe), Juan Carlos Portillo (Venezuela), Jason Tamba (DR Congo) and Titi Tsira (South Africa)—comes to Town Hall on Sunday, October 25th.