See Built to Spill Next Week (and Stream Two New Songs Today)

October 6th, 2009

If you were in an indie-rock fan in the ’90s, you’ve probably listened to Built to Spill. Singer-songwriter-guitarist Doug Martsch formed the band in Boise, Idaho, with Brett Netson on bass and Ralf Youtz on drums. Because he wanted to work with a variety of musicians, Martsch originally intended to change the group’s lineup for each album, so after their first album, Ultimate Alternative Wavers, came out in 1993, bassist Brett Nelson replaced bassist Brett Netson and drummer Andy Capps subbed in for Youtz. The newer version of the band released Built to Spill’s second album, There’s Nothing Wrong with Love, the following year. Martsch continued to release albums, and somewhere along the way, Nelson and drummer Scott Plouf became permanent members of the band. Their seventh full-length album, There Is No Enemy, is out today. To celebrate, come out and see Built to Spill. You’ve got four chances: next Monday and Tuesday at Webster Hall and next Wednesday and Thursday at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

(Check out the video for Built to Spill’s “You Were Right,” above, and click on the links below to stream the new songs “Things Fall Apart” and “Hindsight.”)

“Things Fall Apart”