See Manic Street Preachers Tomorrow Night at Webster Hall

October 6th, 2009

Welsh schoolmates James Dean Bradfield (vocals and guitar), Nicky Wire (bass and vocals) and Sean Moore (drums and vocals) formed Manic Steet Preachers in 1986. Three years later, the trio added Richey Edwards (guitar and lyrics) to the mix, and together they were influenced by the Clash’s and the Sex Pistols’ revolutionary rock. When some doubted the Preachers’ authenticity, Edwards used a razor blade to carve “4 REAL” into his arm. But that wasn’t the last time he’d gain notoriety. In fact, Edwards disappeared altogether in 1995. But the remaining three band members trudged on, and the following year they released their fourth studio album, Everything Must Go, to huge acclaim in the UK. Since then, they’ve toured and put out five more albums, the most recent of which, Journal for Plague Lovers, came out this past May. Check out Manic Street Preachers, above, playing “Stop in the Name of Motown Junk” at the Exit Festival in Serbia, and then see them tomorrow night at Webster Hall.