The Bravery and the Ill

October 9th, 2009

The Bravery – Terminal 5 – October 8, 2009

The Bravery - Terminal 5 - October 8, 2009
When the Bravery began its set last night at Terminal 5, something was amiss. Sam Endicott’s almost-absent vocals seemed to dampen the excitement of an eager crowd that had just stood through two opening acts. But when Endicott said he was suffering through swine flu, it made his performance that much more impressive. And the moments when he truly pulled it together, crooning vocals akin to Ric Ocasek’s (Endicott even resembles a younger version of the Cars’ singer) over driving rhythm and synthesizers, showcased the band’s strength. Endicott swayed around the stage with his microphone stand, putting on a performance reminiscent of Brandon Flowers of the Killers or Matt Berninger of the National, only with more character and life. He switched between hyperactive moments on guitar and multiple collapses to the stage floor for dramatic emphasis (and perhaps a bit of rest).

The Bravery sped through a collection of music from its new album, Stir the Blood (due out in November), and the previous two. Along the way, Endicott often had to rely on his bandmates. Drummer Anthony Burulcich took backup vocal duties on nearly every song and provided the pop that his lead singer couldn’t quite get. While Endicott powered his way through most of the set, the chorus of the set-capper (and big hit), “Honest Mistake,” seemed like too much. So instead, he swung the microphone stand around and lowered it over those in the audience, letting them finish for him. Let’s just hope he’s not contagious. —Sean O’Kane

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