An Eagerly Anticipated Night

October 27th, 2009

Far – Mercury Lounge – October 26, 2009

Far - Mercury Lounge - October 26, 2009
The drunk chatter in the crowd as fans eagerly anticipated Far taking the Mercury Lounge stage pretty much revolved around one thing: excitement. “I’ve been waiting 10 years to see this band,” said one 26-year-old crammed into a nook directly in front of the stage. The band hit stride while playing “Water & Solutions,” “Man Overboard” and “Bury White,” three songs off the 1998 fan favorite and emo-heavy album, Water & Solutions. (Also the last disc before the band’s split the following year.)

A couple of songs later, frontman Jonah Montranga explained that he wanted to be in the audience, dancing and sweaty with them—but not crowd-surfing (as a few fans had previously done and tried to help him do). And, as a long segue into “Nestle,” he discussed growing up and having kids, and how parenthood is scary, but also amazing, like when he saw his friend’s young daughter dancing at the previous night’s soundcheck. “Really Here,” another song off Water & Solutions, received a mass crowd sing-along and pit fury similar to that which greeted the earlier songs from that album.

Far then left the stage after one more song, but returned to play another four. Montranga asked the crowd if they still had it in them, and, boy, did they. “Mother Mary” received the most raucous response of all. At one point toward the end of the set, Montranga commented, “We know some of our best ‘New York’ shows have been in New Jersey. And, some of our best ‘New York’ shows have been in Long Island.” But, as he went on to explain, they were in the city now, and this was truly one of their best New York shows. —Kirsten Housel

Photos courtesy of Kirsten Housel