Dallas Green Shows New Side

January 11th, 2010

City and Colour – Webster Hall – January 8, 2010

City and Colour - Webster Hall - January 8, 2010

Dallas Green, better known as City and Colour, crooned a lovely set of songs at a sold-out Webster Hall on Friday night. Although previously better known for his role as a guitarist-vocalist in the Canadian post-hardcore band Alexisonfire, if this show is any indication, Green’s reputation as a musician has grown with this divergence into folky acoustic balladry. He opened his set on a mellow note, but then jumped right into more upbeat material, playing second “Waiting,” the first single off his sophomore album, Bring Me Your Love. Most of the night’s set followed a similar soft-loud pattern with Green playing some of the more mellow songs solo and the more rockin’ ones with a backing band. Although most of the show drew from Bring Me Your Love, he also played a cover and some newer, untitled material.

About 40 minutes after taking the stage, Green joked that it was time for the crowd-participation portion of the set. He then launched into fan-favorite “Constant Knot,” which had the crowd following his lead and instructions with a “bababababababababadadadadadaaa” sing-along. The crowd went wild for the tattooed, glasses-and-flannel-shirt-wearing Green. Girls texted friends lust-filled declarations of love for him and one boy even shouted out, “I love you, Dallas, in a non-gay way.” With such emotional and honest material, an engaging live set and the 2009 Juno Award for Best Songwriter, Green’s reputation as a solo artist will surely only continue to grow. —Kirsten Housel

Photos courtesy of Kirsten Housel