Drug Rug Proves Why You Should See Bands Play Live

January 15th, 2010

Drug Rug – Brooklyn Bowl – January 14, 2010

Drug Rug - Brooklyn Bowl - January 14, 2010
Pivoting only from her elbow, Sarah Cronin’s arm was nothing but quick flashes across the strings of her guitar. Blues riffs blasted forward in a controlled and precise way, all the while the rest of her body swayed and stuttered around the stage. Contrasted by her much more reserved counterpart and beau, Tommy Allen, the duo and their band, Drug Rug, lit up Brooklyn Bowl last night with a wild display of uniquely charming music.

Even with two full-length albums under their belt, the band still mixed up the live versions of a few songs, turning them on their heads. The once bouncing and energetic “Haunting You” became much quieter and pensive. While the slow burn of “Noah Rules” was prefaced with a much heavier Zeppelin-sounding intro. They even briefly dipped into their unrecorded pool of music, slowing the set with the ballad-like “Dark Hour.”

And while they played through grinning teeth, they even tried out a new song, working out a few kinks on the fly. Fast-paced and fun, the song included a well-placed guitar riff in the chorus that alluded to Queen’s “Crazy Little Called Love.” Drug Rug returned for an encore of “Day I Die,” featuring a musical Chinese fire drill that put Cronin behind the drums and Allen on bass for one last wonderful change of direction. —Sean O’Kane

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