Power Trio Rocks Brooklyn Bowl

February 1st, 2010

Earl Greyhound – Brooklyn Bowl – January 30, 2010

Earl Greyhound - Brooklyn Bowl - January 30, 2010
Some bands just have that look, like they’ve dropped fully formed out of the rock and roll womb onto the stage. Earl Greyhound is one of those bands. On Saturday night at Brooklyn Bowl, with guitarist Matt Whyte rocking the white jeans and Jesus-style hair and beard, bassist Kamara Thomas working the pow-bang, feather-clipped Afro and Ricc Sheridan, gleaming in full glory from behind the drum kit, was there any doubt that these guys were born to play loud, anxious, hard ’70s-anthem rock and roll?

Starting off slowly with newer material off their upcoming album and then easing into the older stuff, this wasn’t some high-fructose concoction, but the real deal sugar-sweet rock and roll. Each song presented the promise of at least a taste, and then the band would back away from the microphones and delve deeply. Sheridan looked like a child at a full-size drum kit—not because he’s a small guy, far from it, but because his drums looked so oversize. It seems impossible that he could match pounding fury with any subtlety behind such a behemoth, but that’s what he did. Whyte sounded at times like he was playing two guitars at two speeds in two different directions, and even if those stretches of glory didn’t last long enough, they still kept me wanting more. On “Monkey,” the last tune of the encore, Earl Greyhound finally fully opened up into a spacey all-out jam that rose above the falling pins and Saturday night din. —A. Stein

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