See Harlem on the Lower East Side

February 10th, 2010

Let’s get the first question answered right away: No, Harlem is not a band from Harlem. In fact, the self-proclaimed “tiniest band in the world,” began in Tucson, Ariz., before heading to Austin, Texas, where they made a name for themselves with their fantastic live shows, a Cover of the Month Club and their self-issued LP, Free Drugs. The band consists of dual vocalists Michael Coomers and Curtis O’Mara, who switch between guitar and drums, and bassist Jose Boyer. Their specialty is in fun-loving, lo-fi music with interesting song titles, like “I’m on Drugs” and “Psychedelic Tits.” They’ve got a new album coming out later this year. But you can hear the trio’s new music when Harlem plays Mercury Lounge tonight. Check them out, above, playing “Witchgreens,” and then brave the snow and come see them play live.