It’s a Family Affair

March 4th, 2010

Akron/Family – Music Hall of Williamsburg – March 3, 2010

(Photo: DL Anderson)

(Photo: DL Anderson)

Last night, under the psychedelic swirl and stripes, a nation was formed. Its principles? Set ’em wild, set ’em free. Its declaration? Fuck the weekday. Lead by its founding fathers, Akron/Family, this edict and a number of potent jams were delivered to loyal citizens for a celebration the band actually termed the “fuck the weekday party.” Dancing was done, revelry was made and no one in attendance could deny the forged sense of community. From the opening harmonies to the closing chords, the night was for everyone.

However, before the history of the nation is recounted, credit must be given to the founding mothers. Warpaint, principally composed of bassist-singer Jenny Lee Lindberg and guitarist-singers Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman, lit into ethereal grooves before the already capacity crowd. Joined by Stella Mozgawa, an incredibly talented Australian drummer, the rhythm section was dynamic, and the interwoven vocals shined. Songs like the “My Guy”-inspired “Billie Holiday” and the dreamlike “Stars” showcased the group’s impressive songwriting abilities. Any preconceived gender norms that could be attached to an all-female band were dismantled during their rock-heavy set.

After a short break, Akron/Family gathered in the middle of the stage, forging together for an opening a cappella harmony. While the group has been reshuffled in recent years, their presence did not give this impression. Their energy was infectious and they, in turn, responded with loose but precise versions of “River” and “Phenomena.” For the encore, Akron/Family played “Woody Guthrie’s America” and crowd-pleaser “Everyone Is Guilty.” And as the nation exited two hours into Thursday, the weekday was officially fucked. —Jared Levy