SXSW – IFC Crossroads House

March 23rd, 2010


I went into my first SXSW not really knowing what to expect. I’ve been to plenty of music festivals in the past. But none of them had music poring out of every possible place like Austin did last week. Even churches had live shows! But thanks to the talented, amiable people at IFC (plus the equally magnanimous Show Cobra folks), it’s worth saying we put on a hell of a good show ourselves at the IFC Crossroads House. We had live music with at least three bands a day in the downstairs studio. (Helped by a 5:00 happy hour, the last band of the day always had the liveliest crowd.) And upstairs, there was an interview room and catering—the site of a sweet Bloody Mary bar and way, way, way too many shotgunned beers. But most important, catering had a huge TV for NCAA tournament watching. Craig Finn, the Hold Steady frontman and IFC host for the week, who couldn’t have been any nicer or cooler, proved to be a knowledgeable hoops fan. We hope you were able to stop by, and if you couldn’t that you at least were able to stream the action on Can’t wait for SXSW 2011! —R. Zizmor

Photos courtesy of Chris Reddish