Red Sparowes Come to Mercury Lounge for Two Nights

April 13th, 2010

The L.A.-based band Red Sparowes came together in 2003, uniting musicians from Angel Hair, Halifax Pier, Isis and Pleasure Forever. The group has a post-rock sound, which means they use commonplace rock instruments (including the pedal-steel guitar!), while employing harmonies, melodies and rhythms that aren’t traditionally associated with the rock genre. Their debut album, the instrumental, crescendo-building At the Soundless Dawn, came out in 2005. Their second disc, Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun, was released the following year. And their third full-length effort, The Fear Is Excruciating, but Therein Lies the Answer, came out just last week. With this new material, Red Sparowes (above, playing “Alone and Unaware, the Landscape Was Transformed in Front of Our Eyes”) are embarking on a cross-country tour, which brings them to Mercury Lounge today and tomorrow.