Surprise Me Mr. Davis Comes to Mercury Lounge

April 15th, 2010

In 2003, singer-songwriter Nathan Moore visited the avant-rock trio the Slip in their Boston apartment when a blizzard hit. Snowed in, the musicians did what they do best, play music. When one person would ask another what to play, the answer was invariably “Surprise me.” Add some recording equipment to the mix—and a wrong-number message to Moore, addressing him as “Mr. Davis”—and Surprise Me Mr. Davis was born. A self-titled electronic-folk debut followed in 2004 and the band toured the Northeast. Now they’re back with a new seven-track EP, That Man Eats Morning for Breakfast, which brings them to Mercury Lounge on Saturday. So check them out above, playing “One Sick Knave,” and then see them in person in just two days.