Don Giovanni Records Presents

April 22nd, 2010

Joseph Steinhardt and Zach Gajewski were attending a Boston college when they founded Don Giovanni Records in 2004. The idea was to put out hardcore music they liked, with a specialization, according to Steinhardt, in “releasing music from New Brunswick, N.J., and the surrounding area (including Brooklyn and New York City), and attempting to level the playing field between those bands and bands on larger labels.” But these guys don’t just put out music—they also bring it to you. Which means a slew of Don Giovanni bands will descend on Mercury Lounge on SaturdayScreaming Females, the Measure (SA), Barrakuda McMurder, Byrds of Paradise, Modern Hut—and SundayShellshag, Noun, Full of Fancy, Black Wine and Pregnant. So check out Screaming Females, above, performing “Boyfriend,” and then head to Mercury Lounge this weekend for a great double bill of the music you love.