Lovedrug Loves the Small Rooms

May 7th, 2010

Lovedrug – Mercury Lounge – May 6, 2010

Lovedrug - Mercury Lounge - May 6, 2010
For Mercury Lounge, it was another great show in a long line of them. For Lovedrug, it was a return to NYC and a perfect mixture of grit and glimmer that made last night’s show special. Lead singer Michael Shephard’s voice ranged from soothing to searing while he rotated between guitars and piano. Musing about having played the Bamboozle festival last weekend, he said, “We’d rather be in a place like this.” That sentiment was obvious for the rest of the band, too.

Jeremy Gifford wildly swung his guitar, often dropping to his knees or leaning on Shephard during the loudest parts of the set. Thomas Bragg thrashed deliberately while playing bass in the dark abyss that was stage right. And behind it all, drummer James Childress swapped agonizing expression for agonizing expression every time he changed the beat. They did a wonderful job mixing up the set list, fitting in new songs (to promote their newer EPs, +/- and Part 1) with the older ones the crowd was yelling for the whole set, like the hushed “Spiders.” Smaller, quieter moments like that punctuated and contrasted the loud breakdowns of other songs, showing why Lovedrug is more comfortable in a small venue as opposed to an outdoor festival in front of thousands of people. And as last night was evidence, their fans agree. —Sean O’Kane

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