Travie McCoy Brings New Music to Williamsburg

May 11th, 2010

Travie McCoy – Brooklyn Bowl – May 10, 2010

Travie McCoy - Brooklyn Bowl - May 10, 2010
Monday night’s Brooklyn Bowl crowd came out hard for Bad Rabbits and Gym Class Heroes frontman Travie McCoy’s first area headlining show, in support of his upcoming solo release, Lazarus. The Boston-based quintet Bad Rabbits had great momentum throughout their set, dancing around the stage from start to finish. Their songs are catchy as hell, with a sound that seamlessly blends funk, soul, rock and electro into an entirely new genre. These guys have a lot of hype surrounding them right now, and it’s no wonder why.

Dressed in pink khakis and a sportcoat, Travie McCoy took the stage with a bare-bones backing band consisting of a DJ and Gym Class Heroes’ Matt McGinley on drums, which provided space for special guests. The best songs of the set were those with guests and the tunes that sampled familiarities. “We’ll Be Alright,” which borrowed Supergrass’ “Alright” and featured the Oxymorons, was an exceptional pairing. Another standout live track, “Critical”—featuring special guest Tim William, who often plays with GCH—had McCoy at times trading raps for screams in a crunkcore way. One of the set’s last songs and the forthcoming album’s first single, “Billionaire,” received the best crowd response of the night, with the track’s special guest, Bruno Mars, joining McCoy on stage. —Kirsten Housel

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