Double Your Pleasure with Buffalo Tom

May 20th, 2010

Gen X-ers may know the Boston-based Buffalo Tom from late-’80s college radio, while Gen Y-ers are more likely to remember the group’s star turn as “that band at the party where Jordan Catalano gives Angela the cold shoulder” on the classic ’90s TV series My So-Called Life. Buffalo Tom’s sound fits in nicely with many of the alternative rock bands of the era—the Replacements, the Lemonheads, Afghan Whigs—relying on a satisfying blend of hearty guitars tempered by ballads featuring some achingly sincere, perfectly glum lyrics.

The band laid low for much of the 2000s, but released its latest album, Three Easy Pieces, in 2007. Another disc is slated for later this year, but you won’t need to wait that long to get your fix because Buffalo Tom (above, performing “September Shirt”) hits Mercury Lounge twice on Friday, for an early show, which is sold out, and a late one. Along with the new material, you can expect to hear old favorites like “Taillights Fade” and “Sodajerk” from their classic albums Let Me Come Over and Big Red Letter Day. It’s the perfect soundtrack for gazing meaningfully over at your own personal Angela or Jordan. —Alena Kastin