A Double Dose of New Musical Adventures

May 24th, 2010

Hurricane Bells/Army of Me – Mercury Lounge – May 22, 2010

Hurricane Bells - Mercury Lounge - May 22, 2010
Saturday night saw a pair of shaggy-haired singers showcasing their new musical ventures at different levels of their infancy to the Mercury Lounge crowd. Vince Scheuerman, the last man standing in what used to be the full band Army of Me, started the early show with refreshed renditions of said band’s songs, joined only by friend Tyler Strickland. Even with a glaze of sadness cast over the semi-posthumous songs, Scheuerman brought life and joy to them with a radiant personality and a pure voice that drew in the growing crowd. He and Strickland rotated positions from keyboard to guitar, rounding out a still-lush sound in the stripped-down performance by smartly using the effects and tones available for each instrument.

A second lovely performance followed, provided by Hurricane Bells, a side project of Longwave’s Steve Schiltz. Saturday’s show served as the homecoming from the band’s first headlining tour, with Schiltz getting help from Longwave drummer Jason Molina and Ashen Keilyn (of NYC band SCOUT) to form a stellar live lineup. Schiltz led the band through a full complement of the project’s new full-length, Tonight Is the Ghost. Keilyn constantly matched his pristine vocals in the louder, uptempo songs like “Freezing Rain” and in the more reserved moments like during “I Can’t Remember.” The sumptuous sounds Schiltz was able to create with whichever busted-looking guitar he pulled from his arsenal were worth the price of admission alone. —Sean O’Kane

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