A Night with Tracy Morgan

May 28th, 2010

Tracy Morgan – The Wellmont Theatre – May 27, 2010

(Photo: Andy Keilen)

(Photo: Andy Keilen)

Somewhere in between jokes about Adam and Eve having sex, colostomy bags and the dangers of anal beads, Tracy Morgan had a moment that bordered on poignant. He inadvertently burped into his microphone (no, that’s not the poignant part). While the audience began to laugh, Morgan paused and then very naturally said, “We family, right?” So went the rest of the night, which was much less like a stand-up routine and much more like the stories your crazy uncle won’t stop telling at family gatherings (albeit the ones he tells a few drinks into the proceedings).

Tracy Morgan brought that raunchy conversational act to The Wellmont Theatre last night, filling the space normally reserved for loud riffs and echoing vocals with tearful laughter and wild shouts from the audience. The hour-and-a-half set ranged from his spacey, almost incoherent late-night appearances to topical humor, including the immigration situation in the Southwest and the BP oil spill. Morgan’s advice on the latter: “Leave that shrimp scampi alone from now on.” The best material of the night was a running gag about previous girlfriends, which always began with the same line and always ended with a different (and increasingly hilarious) sexual twist. By the end, the final story had gone far past painfully funny and nearly revolting, something extremely fitting for the uncle telling the joke onstage. —Sean O’Kane