Dig on This: a Record-Release Party at Mercury Lounge

June 4th, 2010

David Baldwin and Emile Mosseri became fast friends in sixth grade and started playing in bands together. They met Erick Eiser at a high school summer music program, and three years ago, they all moved to New York City and began writing songs under the name the Dig. They did whatever it took to get their name out—playing wherever and whenever and blanketing the streets with a never-ending supply of posters. Soon the Dig (above, playing “Carry Me Home” for Fearless Music) released their debut EP, Good Luck and Games, and with a little perseverance they earned three month-long residencies at Piano’s. Somewhere along the way, a fourth member, Jamie Alegre, joined the group, and as their fan base increased, so did the size of the venues they played in while opening for others. And now the band has a full-length disc, Electric Toys, coming out next Tuesday. So before the Dig hits the road, they’re having a record-release party at Mercury Lounge on Saturday. Consider yourself invited.