Five Questions with…Alley Deheza of School of Seven Bells

June 9th, 2010

Brooklyn’s School of Seven Bells (twins Alley and Claudia Deheza and Ben Curtis) are gearing up for a European tour in support of their second disc, Disconnect from Desire, which comes out next month. But the trio isn’t just sitting around until then because they’re playing tonight and tomorrow at Mercury Lounge, and the giggly Alley Deheza was nice enough to answer Five Questions for The House List.

Who are your inspirations outside of the music world?
Definitely David Lynch. First and foremost is gonna be Twin Peaks, definitely. And then, I don’t know, I like all of them. The last one was great, Inland Empire. It was fantastic. And I’m reading this book, called Ka, right now. It’s about mythology and it’s this really colorful book.

What’s the best part of playing New York City?
I know a lot of people don’t like the crowds—they think they’re kind of reserved. But I personally love the crowds in New York. Because the people who go to—at least our shows—are really dedicated people. And it’s cool because they come up to you and talk to you and they’re really, really interested in the music.

Do you have any crutches when writing a song—are there certain words or styles you feel you lean on too much?
No, because if I notice I’m doing something again, I kind of get turned off by it. I know that sounds weird, but it’s got to be different or I just get really bored.

Do you have to be depressed to write a sad song? Do you have to be in love to write a love song? Is a song better when it really happened to you?
If I’m writing a sad song, let’s say, I’m not very good at expressing myself clearly if I am sad when I’m writing it. And the same with happy. I think it’s more that I feel like I need to stand outside of the situation to really see it very clearly. It might be cliché but it’s true.

Your after-party is at Hi-Fi, the Avenue A bar known for its endless jukebox, and The House List gives you a buck. Which three songs are you playing?
I would say “Poison” by Bell Biv DeVoe, “Motownphilly” by Boyz II Men and “Nasty Girl” by Vanity 6. —R. Zizmor