Looking August and Feeling October

August 12th, 2010

Memoryhouse – Mercury Lounge – August 11, 2010

Memoryhouse - Mercury Lounge - August 11, 2010
It felt like October last night at Mercury Lounge. Certainly not because of the weather, but because the packed bill of would-be headliners smashed together made for a show pulled straight out of the CMJ Marathon. Following a raw and catchy set by Brooklyn’s Oberhofer and a breathtaking hour from Twin Sister, the top-billed Memoryhouse had big shoes to fill. But the Canadian trio didn’t miss a beat, pumping out swirling music as the crowd pushed closer and closer to the stage as the night progressed.

Despite playing one of their first local shows, the band looked and sounded like they’ve been around far longer. Completely bathed in cool light projected from the sound booth, Memoryhouse started with a slightly remixed version of “Lately (Deuxième).” Intensely memorable and sweet to the ears, it was a perfect introduction for those new to the group.

The rest of the set was filled with eerie beats like on “The Waves” and “To the Lighthouse,” another single-worthy song that was easy to get lost in. Luckily the show wasn’t completely like one from CMJ, as Memoryhouse played for more than 30 minutes, ending with a brilliantly irregular cover of My Bloody Valentine’s “When You Sleep.” —Sean O’Kane

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