Mystery Jets Are Coming Your Way (Twice)

September 10th, 2010

Blaine Harrison grew up with spina bifida on an island in the River Thames outside of London. His dad, Henry, wanted to find something for him to do and together they settled on music. Blaine began playing with schoolmate Will Rees and eventually Mystery Jets were born: Blaine on keys and lead vocals, Henry (yes, this band has a father and son!) and Rees on guitar, Kai Fish on bass and Kapil Trivedi on drums. The group cites Syd Barrett as a primary influence, so it should come as no surprise that their sound has psychedelic and prog-rock leanings, which they’ve honed through touring. But staying on the road hasn’t prevented the five-piece from producing new material. In fact, Mystery Jets (above, playing “Serotonin”) released their fourth album in five years, Serotonin, this past July. The band has lots of songs with many separate instrumental parts, which is probably why when they come to town next week, they’ll play Mercury Lounge twice: Tuesday and Wednesday. Do yourself a favor and head to Houston Street to see them.