Skip the Zoo and Still See Panda Bear

September 10th, 2010

Noah Lennox is one of the founding members of Animal Collective. (He and Dave Portner— Avey Tare—are the only members to contribute to all of the band’s releases.) Lennox performs as Panda Bear and usually sings and plays drums when Animal Collective performs live. But he’s been focusing on samples and electronica since 2007, when he did his entire third LP, the critically acclaimed Person Pitch, electronically. His next effort, Tomboy, departs from that somewhat, “with a heavy focus on guitar and rhythm” and “all the Baltimore R&B radio we used to ingest.” The disc is due out later this year, but Panda Bear (above, playing “You Can Count on Me”) has been doing tracks from it this summer. That tour brings him to The Beach at Governors Island on Saturday. But a ferry can bring you. Speaking of which, Governors Island ferries will begin running from Pier 11, at South Street and Wall Street, beginning at 6:00 p.m. There will be no concert ferries departing from the Battery Maritime Building.

(Avey Tare will do a DJ set and Teengirl Fantasy and Gala Drop open.)