Sunday Shows Bring Out the Fervent Fans

September 13th, 2010

Stockholm Syndrome – Brooklyn Bowl – September 12, 2010

Last night Brooklyn Bowl was perhaps the only place where you could simultaneously watch the football game, a Tim Burton flick, rock your ass off and bowl a few rounds (when you should have been in bed). Stockholm Syndrome—a supergroup/side project featuring Jerry Joseph, Dave Schools, Eric McFadden, Wally Ingram and Danny Louis—had the honor of extending the weekend. Watching these guys mesh together onstage was much like watching Donovan McNabb hand off to Clinton Portis while both wearing Redskins jerseys. With each musician coming from a distinct background, their joint effort was like a virtual Venn diagram with the music coming out of that small sliver of dark, overlapping area, which, in this case, was a vicious, funked-up rock and roll with Joseph spitting out powerful lyrics like they’d left a funny taste in his mouth.

The crowd was moderate in size but fanatical in spirit; the types of folk who would follow Joseph to the dankest Lowest East Side bar or Schools to the most backwater of Southern towns. There’s rarely a casual fan out on a Sunday night, and the audience was full of vigor watching Schools going chiropractic on his bass all night and Joseph and McFadden dueling on guitar. The two six-strings seemed like different instruments, with McFadden leaving muddy footprints behind each frenetic note played and Joseph, literally bouncing on bare feet, unleashing edgy but clean runs on his Fender. The spirit was loose and jammy, although the jams were direct and concise, lasting just long enough to breathe with democratic solos from all participants. —A. Stein