Jimmy Eat World Sends Them Home Happy

October 14th, 2010

Jimmy Eat World – Terminal 5 – October 13, 2010

Jimmy Eat World - Terminal 5 - October 13, 2010
Fresh off the release of their sixth full-length studio album, Invented, post-millennial rockers Jimmy Eat World mixed staples of their discography with a few new looks at Terminal 5 last night. From the first note it was clear that singer Jim Adkins and the band were willing to dig deep to fill out the set, starting with the title track from their third album, Bleed American, and then moving back in time with “Your New Aesthetic,” from their second album, Clarity. As the new material surfaced, so did a female backup singer, a first for the always-four-strong band.

Courtney Marie Andrews, who sings on Invented, added a depth that the band’s live show normally covers up with their energetic performance. Just how much she meant was shown as she returned for a few older songs that have always lacked the vocal treatment given on the recordings. The crowd roared for songs off of the two albums that precede Invented, shouting along with “Futures” and “Big Casino.” As the set wound down, the lights hit the disco ball hanging above the crowd just in time for the dreamy “Hear You Me,” turning Terminal 5 into a high school dance. As Jimmy Eat World always does, they saved the biggest hits for last, sending everyone home happy with an encore of the longer-form “23” and mega-singles “Pain,” “The Middle,” and, of course, “Sweetness.” —Sean O’Kane

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