Don’t Hassle Her, She’s Local

November 12th, 2010

Cameron Mesirow grew up in L.A. and probably had a very interesting childhood. After all, her dad was in the Blue Man Group and her mom was a member of the Boston band Human Sexual Response. As Mesirow grew older, her taste in music changed, from Motown and New Wave to grunge, punk and ska. And eventually, under the name Glasser, she began to make her own music. Her EP, Apply, filled with swirling electro-pop and lush soundscapes, was released last year, and a full-length, Ring, came out a couple of months ago. The album’s name refers to the idea “that you have a group of songs that all flow together in a circle. You don’t start at a certain song and finish at a certain song. You just start wherever you start, and you’ll come back around.” Glasser (see her, above, behind the scenes with Fader TV) has honed her live act while on tour with the xx and Sigur Rós, and now living in New York City, she plays a local show at Music Hall of Williamsburg next Tuesday.