Dashboard Confessional Celebrates an Anniversary

December 8th, 2010

Dashboard Confessional – Webster Hall – December 7, 2010

Although it was released 10 years ago, Dashboard Confessional’s debut album, The Swiss Army Romance, still resonates in the hearts and minds of emo newbies and industry veterans alike. For a disc that made emoting cool, especially for a guy who was bred in hardcore, this was monumental. Last night, Dashboard Confessional—aka ex-Further Seems Forever frontman Chris Carrabba—sang his heart out to those pushed up close against the barricade all the way to the bar-hoppers in the back, and all night they sang right back at him.

Carrabba played a perfectly planned set last night, with The Swiss Army Romance’s opening track, the desperate and wailing “Screaming Infidelities,” starting the show and the upbeat “Hands Down” (from the 2003 album A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar) ending it. In between, he played his debut album in full, as well as songs from various other albums, like “This Bitter Pill,” “The Best Deceptions” and “Get Me Right.” It may have been a decade plus a number of albums later for most of these songs, but, quite impressively, never once did Carrabba’s piercingly clear voice waiver. And although he’s come a long way from these early songs, certain cuts from The Swiss Army Romance will always be some of his best. —Kirsten Housel