A From Good Homes Kind of Weekend

December 15th, 2010

The New Jersey roots-rockers From Good Homes—Todd Sheaffer (vocals and guitar), Brady Rymer (bass and vocals), Jamie Coan (guitar, mandolin, fiddle and vocals), Dan Myers (sax, percussion, melodica and vocals) and Patrick Fitzsimmons (drums and vocals)—have been doing things their way since the ’80s. Despite several record deals, they never rested on their laurels, instead choosing to tour extensively, bringing their mix of blues, folk and rock to the masses. After making a name for themselves at the Wetlands, From Good Homes (above, doing “I Only Want” from their first show in a decade, last year at The Wellmont Theatre) played bigger bills alongside the likes of Dave Matthews Band and Hootie and the Blowfish. However, eventually artistic differences proved to be too much and the group disbanded. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t get along. In fact, “Every once in a while when one of us would run into each other it would be like, ‘Well, we should get back together.’ But everybody was doing their own thing, and the timing just wasn’t right, for different reasons,” said Fitzsimmons. Well, now the timing is just right, and you can catch From Good Homes on Friday and Saturday at The Wellmont Theatre.