Mona: Believe the Hype

January 11th, 2011

Despite a very brief résumé, Mona has been heavily hyped and, maybe unfairly, compared to U2 and Kings of Leon. Perhaps some of that has to do with each band’s religious upbringing. In fact, three-quarters of Mona—singer-guitarist Nick Brown, drummer Vince Gard and bassist Zach Lindsey—learned “how to play, how to perform, how to work a crowd” in front of a congregation. Brown and Gard met in a local church music group in Dayton, Ohio. But realizing their hometown wasn’t much of a musical hotbed, they headed to Nashville because “it was a five-hour drive away as opposed to 14 hours to New York or 26 hours to L.A. And way cheaper.” Once in Music City, the two met Lindsey, who in turn introduced them to guitarist Jordan Young, and things took off from there. One thing is clear: With their classic-rock influences and dual-guitar attack, Mona (above, playing “Listen to Your Love” on Later…with Jools Holland) rocks, and you can see them at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night.