Jarrod Gorbel Steps into the Limelight

January 31st, 2011

Jarrod Gorbel – The Bowery Ballroom – January 28, 2011

Jarrod Gorbel - The Bowery Ballroom - January 28, 2011
Jarrod Gorbel has always sort of been a one-man band. So with the demise of the Honorary Title, his recent step into the limelight as an official solo act has been no surprise. The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, who gained a legion of faithful followers when he hit the scene in 2002— mostly in the form of teenage and twentysomething women—took the Bowery Ballroom stage on Friday night, headlining his first local show as a solo artist before a crowd of those faithful fans.

Instead of playing with bandmates, Gorbel took the lead, accompanied by friend and violinist Andrea “Dre” Babinski, plus a cellist and drummer. The group played its way around Gorbel’s 2010 album, Devil’s Made a New Friend, adding a great layer of sound to already luscious songs like set-opener “Impressions,” “I’ll Do Better” and “10 Years Older.”

Prior to this tour, Gorbel posted on his Web site news of a poll in which fans could vote for Honorary Title songs to be played in their city, which resulted in him playing “Stay Away,” “Revealing Too Much,” “Stuck at Sea” and “Everything I Once Had” on Friday night. Gorbel possess a stunning voice, and although his sound hasn’t changed too much since his days in the Honorary Title, it’s exciting to see him step out from behind the title to play under his own name. —Kirsten Housel

Photos courtesy of Kirsten Housel