The Mike Del Rio Takes It to the Next Level

February 7th, 2011

Mike Del Rio – The Bowery Ballroom – February 4, 2011

Mike Del Rio - The Bowery Ballroom - February 4, 2011
New York City very well might have its newest pop star, and he made his biggest mark yet at The Bowery Ballroom on Friday night. Celebrating the release of his new EP, Mad World, Mike Del Rio led a full bill of superbly catchy acts, including the sensational hooks of Night Fevers, the art pop of Samuel and dance-rockers TV/TV. Del Rio’s set was a knockout from start to finish, highlighted by the polished and full sounds of selections from his new disc, like the club-worthy “Parachute.” Although he surrounded himself with upward of eight musicians, including (for most of the set) three backup singers and a full band, it was still hard to not just focus on Del Rio grooving around the stage with a presence the likes of an arena veteran.

While this show was certainly the biggest Del Rio’s headlined to date, it was exciting and felt natural—far from the timid and awestruck performances that The Bowery Ballroom can induce in first timers. Those in the crowd knew this, as they went along like Del Rio had been playing these shows for years, which was amplified by the amount of family, those related by blood or music, in the room. He did more than just enjoy his biggest moment: Del Rio turned it into something special for everyone, taking fans who were there for him and changing them into people who experienced it with him. —Sean O’Kane

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