St. Patrick’s Day Comes Early to Terminal 5

March 3rd, 2011

Flogging Molly – Terminal 5 – March 2, 2011

Flogging Molly - Terminal 5 - March 2, 2011

Last night the California-based Irish-American Celtic-punk band Flogging Molly hit the stage at Terminal 5 as part of its annual Green 17 Tour, which snakes around the country in a month-long lead-up to St. Patrick’s Day. The septet launched right into “Speed of Darkness,” a new song off its forthcoming album. By the time the band continued into something more familiar—“The Likes of You Again”—the floor was a full-fledged pit. Next came “Swagger,” then “Requiem for a Dying Song” (the highest-charting single off 2008’s acclaimed Float). “Come on all your bastards in the balcony, join!” shouted Dublin ex-pat singer-guitarist Dave King to the few souls not involved in the song’s massive clap-along.

After several raucous songs highlighted by Nathen Maxwell’s thumping basslines, the set eventually slowed down a bit, with Flogging Molly playing another new one, “So Sail On.” After a few more tunes the pace picked up again, with “Rebels of the Sacred Heart” (for the Catholics), “If I Ever Leave This World Alive,” the defiant “What’s Left of the Flag” and “Tobacco Island,” the latter two of which address Irish history, before the band closed with “Seven Deadly Sins.”

Flogging Molly’s sets always show the band enjoying its time on stage, and last night was no different, as King jokingly poked at and gave nods to the security guards lining the front. The band is also known for caring for it fans, evidenced by Maxwell and banjo player-mandolinist Bob Schmidt, who took to the emptying crowd after the set to take pictures and sign autographs. —Kirsten Housel

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